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Digital Dentistry

The Blackburn Dental Lab is continuously improving and maintaining our digital expertise. We are your digital dentistry resource. View our list of investments into the digital workflow and discover everything that goes into our high-quality restorations.

The 3Shape Dental System®

This system represents the latest advancements in CAD/CAM dental technology. The fabrication process is automated while still allowing the dental technicians to add the needed personal design elements. Our two 3Shape scanners deliver accurate 3D scanning, intuitive CAD modeling, efficient order management, and reliable communication tools.

Carbon 3D Printer

Our Carbon 3D Printer gives us the capabilities to print extremely accurate production parts, including dental models and bite splints. Utilizing a stone-colored and industrial grade resin, this printer can provide an exceptionally high-resolution surface finish. The innovative baking process creates a chemical reaction within the material, causing it to strengthen and ensure extremely durable final components.


Provides the ability to design sophisticated digital implant models, customized abutments and final crowns in a very precise and direct workflow. It allows laboratories the capacity to receive digital impressions just minutes after scanning to quickly begin design of the digital implant model, crown and the customized abutment.

Roland® DWX-50

This milling machine's advanced features and exceptional performance are ideal for fabricating wax and zirconia restorations. The system allows us to streamline the production process so that we can deliver the most precise restorations with faster turn times.

Nobel Biocare™ Scanner

This system solution combines innovative software and patented conoscopic holography scanning capabilities features for highly precise data acquisition. This allows our Blackburn technicians to fabricate durable and consistent restorations.

Authorized Sirona® Connect Laboratory

Blackburn Dental Laboratory is now a Sirona Certified Lab, and has the capacity to accept files directly from your Cerec intraoral scanner. Use model – Omnicam, Apollo or Bluecam – for the convenience and accuracy of instantaneous file transfer to our CAD/CAM technicians.

Planmeca® Emerald™

Makes restorative dentistry more convenient and faster. Features blue laser technology that helps allow for more reflective and sharper images. Can acquire and process data nearly as fast as you can move your hand.